If you have other questions that hasn’t been covered by the training or by these frequently asked questions below, please contact scorekeepers@i7y.uk.

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Signing in the scorer

  • Help! I need a sub to stand-in and run the score-keeping app for today’s game, but they don’t have a login! What do I do?

Roster setup

  • The Spordle Play roster is missing a player that the Home team are trying to dress. Help!
    • On the roster selection page, if a player is not shown for which the club has clearance to play, then scorekeepers can use the “ADD PLAYER” facility to add as an ‘Extra’ any player that exists in Spordle ID (the player/staff registry service).
    • If the competition that the game being played in does not have the ADD PLAYER facility, or if the required player is not found in Spordle ID - and, again, having re-asserted that the club has clearance to dress the player - then scorerkeepers are requested to add a comment to the NOTES section of the gamesheet and add another player or coach in the correct jersey number in the missing player’s place.
      • In these cases, the Competition statistician and/or the Spordle Play delivery team will review games with NOTES annotations and will follow-up with the team affected.
  • The away team need to borrow a Coach so that they have an appropriate responsible person running their bench for the game. What do I do?
    • If a team has dispensation to ‘borrow’ a qualified coach to run the bench for the purposes of meeting the minimum criteria for the game proceeding, then the scorekeeper can select the “ADD STAFF +” button on the “Choose Bench Staff” form of the pregame screen in the scoresheet app. If this button is missing from your application, then select whichever coach is available on the screen for the purposes of getting the game started, but be sure to enter the qualifying coach’s details into the NOTES section AND the details of which coach/staffer was selected in order to satisfy the form.

Game set-up

  • Period lengths
    • Spordle Play defaults to 20/20/20/10. Until we have the facility to specify default period lengths on a per-competition basis, it falls on the scorekeeper to ensure that these figures are set correctly for each game. e.g., for PINIHL, 20/20/20/5. If your competition has no overtime period, set the final value to “0”.
  • On-ice officials team
    • All officials assignable to games in our competitions should already be registered in the system. If, however, an official is present that is NOT found by typing in the “Official” field then the “Add temporary offical” option in the pop-up can be clicked. The Competition statistician and/or the Spordle Play delivery team will then fix-up after the event when that official is entered, if necessary.

In-game events


  • The ref put their arm up indicating a slow whistle for a penalty against the away team. The home goalie came to the bench and I did the “Goalie Pull” thing, but before the play was stopped, the home team scored. Help!
    • Spordle Play does not currently support Delayed Penalty Goals. If the penalty that would have been called was a minor penalty and thus is “washed-out” by the scoring of the goal, then ideally the goal would be captured as a “Delayed Penalty Goal” and the penalised player assessed a zero-PIM penalty. Currently, the recommended practice is to record the goal as if scored without consideration of the slow whistle, flag it as a power-play despite there NOT being a penalty active to count it against, and to add a comment in the NOTES section that this goals was a DPG, and who the penalised player and offence were due to be (e.g. 1/10:04 Home goal #3 was a deplayed penalty goal, cancelling Away #10 for Slashing)


  • The referee has called a penalty against the Netminder - but they can’t sit in the box. What do I do?
    • Spordle Play has a “served by” feature. First click of a shirtback will highlight the player in dark-yellow and that signifies the player, netminder or coach against which the penalty was assessed. The second click, however, is the player that is serving the penalty on the clock. This is the jersey that appears in the “active penalties” area of the main scoresheet page.
  • Where is the “RESIST” penalty code?
    • The rules have evolved since we started capturing this as an explicit penalty code. Per IIHF 2022/23 rulebook, please capture these as 5+Game Misonduct for Fighting as per rule 46.1.
  • The referee has called a penalty that is not shown in the Play selection interface, or has called a duration that isn’t shown for that particular penalty type. What do I do?
    • Don’t panic! Whilst Spordle Play has entries of nearly all of the calls published in the IIHF rule book, there are some omissions. Also, the EIHA paperwork with the list of “Penalty Codes” pre-dates the latest IIHF rule book. If the scorekeeper app is actually missing the call that the Referee is trying to make, then substitute a different penalty incident in the game event and be sure to add a comment in the NOTES section so that the Competition committe and Spordle Play delivery team can address the matter after the fact.
  • My hot-headed Coach got themselves in hot water by arguing during the period break and the Referee has called a Bench minor after the period is ended. What do I enter?
    • Just create the penalty event as usual, using the clock-time of 00:00. The scoresheet game events list will show the penalty being called at the end of one period, but not starting until the start of the next.
  • My Captain got a minor for hooking and a major for fighting in the same incident - which goes up first?
    • This isn’t anything particular to Spordle Play, but the IIHF rulebook is quite clear about which penalty is served in what order - and it’s all captured in Appendix IV of the 2022/23 rulebook. For this particular case, it’s example B 1 of table 14 on page 203!


  • If a team pulls their netminder on a delayed penalty, when I enter that penalty against the offending team, is the goalie automatically returned to the ice?
    • No. There is no automatic return event for netminders. This is true both for pulls for delayed whistles followed by the creation of a penalty event and for pulls for an extra player in regular play, e.g. chasing an equaliser, which were then scored against. Currently scorekeepers are required to explicitly enter Goalie return events.
  • How do I record netminder time on ice and shots against?
    • Ensure that your roster has a starting netminder listed. That netminder enters the game automatically at 1/20:00 (for a game with 20 minute periods). They remain considered on-ice until either a netminder Pull event is entered, or a swap event. Spordle Play automatically calculates the TOI measure and considers that in its statistical record for the netminder.
    • Shots on goal are entered in the table accessed by the top of the scoresheet app. Note that it is not necessary to consider the number of shots faced per netminding “shift”, only the total number of shots faced by each netminder in each period. If a netminder is in-net but faces no shots, please do enter a “0”.
    • It is not necessary to capture shots on an empty net. By definition, the only shot that counts is a goal, and the scoresheet already captures those. Time-on-ice statistics are calculated based on the starter netminder annotation (that “S” on the team list) and the pull/swap events entered during the game. Goals against average per game (GAav), Save percentages (Sv%), TOI, Shots and Goals Against (GA) are all correctly calculated by the back-end software based on these inputs.

Scratches or jersey changes

  • One of the players has ripped their jersey/got blood on their shirt and need to change number. What do I do?
    • If a player has to change number mid-game, the scorer can return to PREGAME screen to change shirt numbers. All game events that the player has been involved in so far will automatically get updated, so there is no need to add a note or go back and retrospectively edit goals or penalties based on their previous jersey.
  • A player listed on the game got stuck in traffic and didn’t make it here. What do I do?
    • If a player that was included in the roster pre-game has not appeared on the bench dressed and ready to play by the start of the second period, the scorer can return to the PREGAME screen and de-select the missing player. Unlike with our previous system, if a player is removed by accident, they can be re-added to the roster with ease. It is not necessary to add a note explaining that the player was scratched.

Other events

  • How do I record a timeout?
    • Pending Spordle Play enhancements, scorekeepers are encouraged to use the NOTES section to capture timeouts (e.g. T/O HOME 3/00:50)
  • How do I capture game start and end times?
    • Scorekeepers are requested to capture the “AFO” and “EET” wall-clock times in the NOTES section
      • Actual Face-off time, as distinct from scheduled face-off time (e.g. AFO 17:35)
      • Event End time (e.g. EET 19:34)
  • The referee has said that they want to ensure that something which happened in the game is followed-up for possible supplementary discipline. What do I do?
    • Any matters relating to supplementary discipline or requiring the awareness of a Competition official should be entered in the NOTES section. Please be aware that these comments will be publicly visible, so please consider what is disclosed and the language used. Stick to recording only critical facts and only name individuals at the match official’s explicit request.

Post-game events

  • The rink operators are kicking us out because we’re taking too long, and the referee has called the game with 3'25" remaining. What do I do?
    • Simply click “END GAME” and enter 3/03:25 in the pop-up. Be sure to enter a comment in the NOTES section as to why the game was abandoned early.
  • How do I record a shoot-out win?
    • Shootout goals do not accumulate goal-like stats like goals in other periods, so you donโ€™t have to worry about limiting their use or using a virtual player. You are free to put the identity of the player that scored the winning penalty shot safe in the knowledge that their playing stats will not be affected.
  • Is there anything “special” about a game-winning goal scored in competitions featuring overtime periods?
    • In short: no. Be sure that the period lengths are correctly configured in the “PERIODS” link at the top of the pre-game screen. e.g. for PINIHL this should read “5” rather than the system-default of 10. When the game-winning goal event is entered, select the “OT” period in the drop-down and put the time remaining on the clock in the time field as with any other game event. When you then click “END GAME” at the top-right of the scoresheet page, the game-end time will be pre-populated with the time of the goal.